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PCO inspection guide

We have to renew our vehicle’s PCO licences every year. Our colleagues book a PCO test appointment 28 days before the expiration of each PCO licence. Details of each appointment will be sent separately to the driver through their e-mail address, or alternatively, they can check the appointment details on their mobile application.
This is a brief guide for what you must do before the inspection to pass the test.
If you need further information regarding the process, please contact us on 02089009574.

MOT Test

As a requirement of TfL (Transport for London), all vehicles should have a valid MOT test certificate prior to the PCO test. The MOT test certificate should not be older than 14 days when the vehicle is taken for the PCO test.
Please contact us on 02089009574 to arrange the MOT test appointment 14 days before your inspection. If we do not receive any call from you, we will contact you and arrange an MOT test appointment.

MOT test centre address: Shine Motors, 7a Coronation Rd, London NW10 7PQ.

MOT test centre address

Make sure your car does not have any damage

One of the primary reasons for PCO test failures is damage to the body of the car. To make sure that your vehicle passes the PCO test, please send photos of any damage on the car to this Whatsapp number: 07399484079.
Once we receive the photos, our colleagues will review them and inform you if the vehicle needs to be repaired.

Bodywork address: Auto Unique One, Unit 3, Perivale New Business Centre, 19 Wadsworth Rd, Perivale, Greenford UB6 7LF.

MOT test centre address

What you need to do on the day of inspection

Please make sure to attend your appointment 15 minutes earlier. One of our colleagues will meet you in the PCO test centre and take the car key from you. Our colleague will submit the car documents and the car key to the PCO test centre staff.

The PCO test will generally take between 20-30 minutes. Once the test is completed, you can take a photo of the new PCO licence and upload it into your ridesharing app (Uber, Bolt, Ola, Freenow).

Alternatively, you can contact our office on 02089009574, and we will assist you with uploading the new PCO licence into your ridesharing app.

For further information regarding your PCO test appointment, please contact us on 02089009574.