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Nissan Leaf

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pco car Nissan Leaf

Financial details

Weekly rent :
£ 200
Deposit :
£ 500
Deposit is refundable and we will return the deposit on the same day the vehicle is returned to us. If you are not able to pay the whole amount up-front, you can pay the minimum deposit payment (£300) and the rest by weekly instalments.

Car overview

Date of manufacture :
Transmission :
Fuel type :
Full Electric

Car pictures

pco Nissan Leaf
Nissan Leaf back view pco
inside Nissan Leaf pco rental
front seat pco Nissan Leaf
back seat Nissan Leaf
Why you should choose us:
* If the car is damaged/had an accident, we will only charge you the cost of repairs. If the cost of repair exceeds £500, we will only charge you £500.
What did our customers say about this vehicle?

Excellent Experience

Will Addeko

G&Ms cheapest fully electric car, very well made. It gives around 220 miles on a full charge and I pay £250 a month which isn't bad at all.

15 April 2022

Low maintenance

Michael Terry

Nissan Leaf is truly and easy and low cost maintenance car. I have hired one for over six months and haven't been to a garage.

02 January 2022

PCO car

Jane William

For a person who works in the city it's a perfect solution to never Visit a gas station. Low cost charging at home and free charging at Nissan dealers.

07 February 2022

Best electric car

Mohammad Karim

I personally believe Nissan Leaf is the best car and I have hired it first came back in 2020 and stilly happy with it.

13 April 2022

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